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MCR has been providing specialised rail labour to a vast array of Clients since its inception in 2002. In providing these services, MCR has been a Panel Supplier, Sole Supplier and Master Vendor and currently offers this level of service to almost 300 Clients across the NSW Rail Networks.

To ensure the highest quality of work is produced, MCR implements various techniques, including: staff upskilling of qualifications, dedicated Rail Safety Coaches, site specific inductions, project specific inductions, site & project specific workshops, and communication workshops.

MCR directly employs in excess of 250 specialised rail staff and has a supplier base comprising of multiple suppliers to provide both additional coverage and a wider range of labour skill sets including:

  • Safe Working (HS 1&2, PO 1-4, TO)

  • Track Supervisors, Track Certifiers & Track Labourers

  • Aluminothermic and Wire Feed Welders

  • Civil Supervisors and Constructions Workers

  • Trades Staff

  • Signalling Electricians, Mechanical and Bonding Staff

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Safe Working

Track Maintenance



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